Sea Kayaking on the Costa Brava

Senior instructors are available for your sea kayak activities at L’Estartit Estacio Nautica. The centre offers a range of ways to paddle the coastline. Sit-on boats are there for groups and schools to use or just for a fun trip. Full spec’ sea kayak are also available for training and for the longer trips along the coast.

The Medes offer tha paddler a short paddle but a well rewarded one.
The best way to experience the Medes islands is from the peace and quiet of a kayak.

The cormorants skim the water in front of your boat and seem to have no fear of people. The huge colony of Yellow Leg Gulls are always noisy and they wheel and call in large numbers over the island.
Keep your eyes open for the rare visitors such as peregrine falcons. They nest on the sea cliffs on the mainland and use the bird population of the Medes as a flying larder!

The Estacio Nautica operate a beginners course of four hours duratrion and you can also try the advanced skills course that is three hours long.

Guided tours along the coastline are a great way to explore the regions seas and the centre can arrange a guide to take you to some of the hidden coves and inlets along the Montgri. Caves are also available to the paddler across on the Medes islands but might need a guide to discover them!

Santa Susanna Estacio Nautica also supply sea kayaks and single and double sit-on’s. The sea state is a little different at Santa Susanna and there is good fun to be had watching the kayakers getting in and out of the surf.
Prices at Santa Susanna Estacio Nautica make it a cheap way to have some fun and try a new skill.

A single sit-on kayak is only 10€ for an hour and that also includes a bouyancy aid and of course your paddle, a double seater kayak is 15€ but be prepared for a divorce after the session.

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