Kitesurfing on the Costa Brava

Kitesurfing is growing rapidly as an extreme watersport and it takes water based speed activities into a different league. Good training is essential as this is not a pastime to be taken lightly. The dangers to yourself and to others should be obvious.Done well kitesurfing looks elegant and exciting, done badly it looks like a trip to the casualty department for the surfer or the spectators.

Estacio Nautica Santa Susanna provides a one to one course for would be kitesurfers and the best time to come and try it out is in the early season when the beaches are empty, for example in late September or October you could have huge sections of the beach completly deserted. The empty space allows you to concentrate on control and technique without looking out for swimmers and sunbathers.

The pull from a kitesurfing rig is impressive and a little bit frightening. The lift generated can pull a heavy man into the air with ease and there have been incidences of kitesurfers flying for long periods (by mistake).
Physical strength is not a key requirement as your body weight is supported by the harness and the connecting lines. The kite is controlled using a series of four control lines, two for each side of the canopy. The kite can be rigged for a variety of wind conditions or surfing styles by attaching the lines to give a more agressive angle of attack into the wind.

Training can be interesting! The images show the student in his third lesson of ten trying to control the kite on land, then in the water and finally a session with a board. The teacher is trying to allow the student to develop the correct way of powering and slowing the kite, it all looks simple until the kite starts pulling and then it all looks rather exciting.
The distance that a kite surfer can cover in a short space of time is incredible and the need to have full control over the speed and direction of travel are key to enjoying the experience.

The Estacio Nautica offers visitors a chance to learn how to kitesurf in a safe way with little chance of a major mishap. You might get a few bruises and pulled muscles, you might drink a lot of sea water but you might also come away with a new skill - kitesurfing courses are 235€ for a 10 hour series of lessons including equipment hire.

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