Jet Skiing on the Costa Brava

Another exciting way to move across the water is to use a Jet Ski. Likened to a motorbike on water the Jet Ski’s are capable of high speed and great manouverability. The use of this type of craft has seen a huge upsurge in the design and development of radical boats that can be used for surfing and extreme acrobatics.

The downside of Jet Ski’s lies in their missuse. In the UK they represent the smallest group of watercraft users yet they have the highest accident rate. It could be that they appeal to the ‘boy racer’ who approaches the use of a Jet Ski solely for their own pleasure. Anyone who gets in their way is in trouble, sensible use of Jet Skis give the users a freedom to range quickly across the water and some interesting play opportunities.
The use of the Jet Ski’s off the Catalan coastline is regulated and they are not allowed to operate within a set distance from the beaches. This is to minimise the risk to swimmers and other water users by fast moving Jet’s.

Owners must also have a certificate of competance to insure and use the craft and to that end we are behind the Europeans in our use and ownership here in the UK.
Properly used the Jet Ski is an exciting and fun piece of equipment and allows a user to enjoy a different type of watersport albeit with the noise from the engine!

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