Welcome to 'What's What' our incomplete and unfinished guide to Outdoor Qualifications and Careers in the United Kingdom

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'What's What' is the BlueDome guide to outdoor qualifications, what they mean, where to get them and whether you are wasting time and money on the wrong ones for you!

As the outdoor industry grows and becomes more regulated than ever before the range of qualifications and what value they have to both job seekers and employers becomes more important. This section of BlueDome will contain information not only from ourselves but also from the people who really matter and have the experience to advise job seekers.

This section will always be unfinished as we aim to continue adding information, resources, advice and comments for as long as there is someone to read it!

NEW - First Aid Courses - Why do We Need Them?
An overview of suitable First Aid courses for outdoor professional from Adventure First Aid.

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NEW - Careers in the outdoors - Tom Gee gets it off his chest about the poor provision of useful courses and qualifications for young job seekers!

Careers in the outdoors - Getting your first interview

Careers in the outdoors - a personal view from BlueDome

Climbing and Walking
This section contains information about the professional qualifications connected to climbing and walking that are widely recognised throughout the UK. A section also provides contact details for the UK Mountain Leader organisations.
From tiny dinghies to fast offshore racers here is the information about what it all means when you start learning to teach.

Cycling and Mountain Biking
As the most popular outdoor activity that does not have a governing body to administer qualifications here is a guide to help you.

Canoeing and Kayaking
From placid lakes to screaming white water, from quiet back waters to the scottish islands here is a guide to UK paddle sport qualifications.
Without the ability to use a map and compass correctly you might as well stay at home. Here is an overview of land and sea based navigation in the UK.
The Grand National Archery Society oversee all archery activities in the UK from small centres to olympic hopefulls. Here is your introduction.
First Aid
Almost every employer will expect you to hold a valid first aid certificate. Which one should you go for and is it right for you. Here are details of two key qualifications from St John Ambulance.

Outdoor Industry and Retailing
As our outdoor equipment becomes more technical the industry that designs, builds and retails our gear also offers some attractive careers.

Where to look for the qualifications needed to make a career in the outdoors. Colleges, centres and other resources for the job seeker are in this section.

NEW - Careers in the outdoors - Tom Gee gets it off his chest about the poor provision of useful courses and qualifications for young job seekers!

If you have any questions about careers in the outdoors please email us and also register for the BlueDome forums where you can discuss your thoughts, ideas, requests and complaints with other outdoor professionals.