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First Aid in the outdoors – Why Do You Need First Aid?

A First Aid qualification is required to keep almost all of your National Governing Body Qualifications up to date and valid. Without one, all of your ML’s SPA’s LCLA’S, BOF’s GNAS’s etc etc etc will not be worth the paper they are written on.

All instructors have a DUTY OF CARE to the members of groups they are taking into the great outdoors. There are different levels required by different National Governing Bodies and most are measured in Time rather than content. For example; a Level 2 BCU coach requires an 8 hour First Aid ticket where as a Summer ML requires a 16 Hour First Aid ticket. The required time and/or content can be found in most log books or on the NGB websites. It should be noted that some require certain forms of assessment where as others do not mind. You should look for a certificate of achievement rather than attendance.

Once you have your First Aid qualification, YOU SHOULD PRACTICE AND REVISE YOUR SKILLS AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS. Would you dream of leading a group into the hills with some rusty unpractised navigation skills. Certainly not; you would deemed negligent if you did. So why do people not practice their First Aid skills until an accident happens or it’s time for another course.

Adventure First Aid offer Outdoor Centres that have undertaken courses a structured method of revision through practical scenarios. A number of Devon based centres now operate these scenarios to great effect. It keeps skills up to date and instructors on their toes.

Adventure First Aid offers courses in Mountain & Outdoor First Aid + Expedition & Overseas First Aid + First Aid in the Workplace. They are the leading provider of such courses in the South West of England and operate in all areas of the UK and overseas. They have the record for the most Northerly First Aid course which is delivered in Svalbard (High Arctic). All their courses are delivered by experienced outdoor practitioners who are all members of rescue teams or have expedition experience of 10 years or more.

The courses on offer -

Adventure First Aid’s Mountain & Outdoor First Aid course
What will I learn?
A practical approach to First Aid in the environment you work and lead groups in.

Course Content
Recognition and monitoring vital signs
Fracture management with improvised splinting
Accident procedure – the Systems approach
Head Neck and Ppinal injury management
Safe Airway Management techniques
Chest and abdominal injury management
CPR for Urban locations (Remote issues covered as well)
Pelvic and thigh injury management
Control of major bleeding and treatment for shock
Hypo & Hyper thermia
4.5 hours of Outdoor scenarios covering mountain & outdoor or Water and outdoor or darkness and indoor issues relating to casualty management and team management.
Course Duration – 2 days 16 hours
Assessment – Continuous tick sheet assessment

Expedition and Overseas Travel First Aid
This course is suitable for people who are going on remote expeditions or travelling overseas during a gap year.
Q - What will I learn?
A – The full mountain and outdoor course syllabus + an extra day of issues relating to expeditons and overseas travel

Course Content – as per Mountain and Outdoor plus
Bugs, bites and stings – Malaria to snake bites
Crisis management planning
Altitude problems
Insurance and medical evacuations
Cold injuries – Frost nip to bite
Remote medical assistance
Bowel disorders
Pre trip planning
Improvised casualty handling
First aid and medical kits (Our doctor has a one to one with each expedition and can recommend a medical kit)
Vehicle incidents
Managing an ill casualty
Improvsed casualty evacuation
3 hours of outdoor scenarios which include instruction on passing information via sat phone to remote medic
 Plus anything else a particular expedition wishes to cover. Every course is tailor made.
Course Duration – 24 hours
Assessment - Continuous tick sheet assessment

Additional Courses
Adventure First Aid offer courses that cover sports specific injuries, paediatric issues, expedition planning and risk assessment and a whole lot more. For more information or to book a place on a course please visit www.adventurefirstaid.co.uk - Make sure you contact your relevant sporting body to find out if you require specific First Aid training in order to keep your qualifications valid.

Adventure First Aid offer the HSE approved First Aid at Work qualification certificated by ITC. This course is 24 hours in duration and covers the Mountain and Outdoor syllabus plus the statutory requirements of the HSE First Aid at Work syllabus. For more information visit the Adventure First Aid Website.
The Health and Safety Executive website - www.hse.gov.uk contains information about First Aid in the workplace.

With thsnks to Guy at Adventure First Aid for compiling the information above. I would just add that on the rare occaisions that I have been called on to use my first aid training they have both been life threatening incidents. Fortunatley the outcome of both events was good and I thanked all the hours I had put in when training. - David Lynch - Editor

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