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Archery and the Archery Leader Award

Archery is an ancient activity and one which holds a great deal of interest for a wide range of people. The sport is enjoyed by thousands of archers at club level and covers a wide range of disciplines from long bow to very high tech long distance shooting.

At centre level the sport can be taught easily to juniors and adults alike. Able bodied and disabled participants can enjoy the sport and wheelchair archers can be seen at international events worldwide.

The purpose of the Archery Leader Award is to teach potentional instructors the safe provision of archery at an introductory level. Although the course covers shooting skills the primary aim is to enable you to teach small groups in a safe manner. If you enjoy the sport and progress to become an archer yourself then so much the better.

The information here is derived from GNAS sources including club and regional sources.

The key factor with many training courses is the safety of the participants and Archery is a good example of where this is very important. Although the bows used for beginner training may of low draweight they can still deliver an arrow with enough speed and force to cause serious injury. The GNAS Archery Leader course is aimed at learning about the sport, gaining the skills to shoot safely and to have some fun at the same time! As a candidate the Archery Leader course is aimed at making you capable enough as an archer to demonstrate the techniques employed and to give you the skills to supervise a group safely.

The breakdown of the course is listed below and derives from the web site of leading coach Philip van Buren, a link to his website is at the foot of the section.

Archery Leader Course Units
Unit A: General
Candidates will gain knowledge of:
1. all safety observances and rules
2. alternative range layouts with regard to public and participant safety
3. suitable rounds for beginners and juniors
4. various forms of archery
5. various incentives schemes.

Unit B: Shooting
Candidates will learn how to hit the target consistently at up to 20 yards using basic Bare-Bow  & Freestyle methods.

Unit C: Teaching and improving
Candidates will be able to:
1. teach basic Bare-Bow style
2. teach basic Freestyle
3. improve performance in both

Unit D: Equipment care, safety and use
Candidates shall learn how to:

1. advise on suitable equipment for activity groups and individuals
2. recommend sources of supply and be aware of costs
3. maintain equipment in good working order
4. understand the importance of equipment maintenance ref. safety and accident prevention.

GNAS Website (Where you will find no mention of this qualification!)

Philip Van Buren's Archery Leader Website

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