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First Aid in the outdoors - St John's Ambulance First Aid at work

First Aid is a required skill for many posts and is also often needed for many NGB qualifications. Here is an overview of basic first aid training from St John's Ambulance service, one of the UK's key providers of training.

As a qualified First Aider you possess valuable life saving skills.
St. John Ambulance is the UK’s leading provider of First Aid training, offering a range of courses to suit different needs.
Here are details of the First Aid at Work and Lifesaver courses offered by St. John.

First Aid at Work
The First Aid at Work (statutory) course complies with the current Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Successful students receive certificates to show they are qualified to be First Aiders in the workplace (outdoors or indoors) for the next three years.
Q - What will I learn?
A - The knowledge and confidence to deal with any First Aid emergency

Course Content
Dealing with accidents and illness Treatment of a heart attack
Using a First Aid kit Control of bleeding
Simple record keeping Burns and scalds
Resuscitation Poisoning
Treatment of an unconscious casualty Fractures
Choking Shock

Course Duration - 4 days
Assessment - Multiple-choice question paper and practical skills test.
Insurance - Eligible to join St. John Ambulance insurance scheme after completion.

Combined Lifesaver/Lifeserver Plus
This course is suitable for people who want a sound knowledge of First Aid. Successful students receive certificates from St. John Ambulance valid for the next three years.
Q - What will I learn
A - First Aid skills to handle a number of emergency situations

Course Content
Incident Management Anaphylaxis
Casualty Management Hypoglycaemia
Priorities of First Aid Internal and external bleeding
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (adult) Burns and Scalds
Control of bleeding Poisoning
Shock Amputations
Heart Attack Injuries to muscles, joints and bones

Course Duration - 16 hours
Assessment - Continuous assessment by trainer
Insurance - Eligible to join the St. John Ambulance insurance scheme after completion

Additional Courses
In addition to the above, St. John offers a number of injury-specific courses, for example Fractures, which includes muscle and ligament injury and fractures of the collar, elbow and ribs.
For more information or to book a place on a course please visit www.sja.org.uk
- Make sure you contact your relevant sporting body to find out if you require specific First Aid training in order to carry out your job.

The Health and Safety Executive website www.hse.gov.uk contains information about First Aid in the workplace.

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