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Project '98.

To the Roof of Africa on wheels.

With the expedition over and everyone safely back in the UK BlueDome would like to congratulate Jon Amos and his support team. They have achieved a World Record, Jon has gone higher on a mountain than any other wheelchair climber in history. The story that unfolds through these pages should act as catlyst to inspire and motivate others. If you are able bodied you can help others, if you are disabled perhaps Project 98 will demonstate that the only barriers to adventure are the ones we often impose on ourselves.
I feel that we have not seen the last of Jon Amos and his team.
David Lynch, Editor, BlueDome

A word from Jon Amos

An Inspirational Story - Russell Newman

Kilimanjaro, The Roof of Africa.

The Project '98 Team.

Jon Amos and the team on Great Gable

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Expedition Kit List and Diary Dates

Meet the Team - Princes Quay 10th January 1998

The Chair - Full Specifications

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Daily Reports From Kilimanjaro - Latest Pictures In
Please Note - Due to problems with the sat-phone Jon and the team will be out of contact when on Kilimanjaro.
The ascent begins on Saturday 31st!!!

Jons account of the expedition is now in print - The Roof of Africa on Wheels

Many of the pictures of Kilimanjaro shown in these pages have been kindly supplied by Carl Rosenberg, Leonid Kruglyak and Carl Axel Rosenberg, all images remain their copyright and must not be copied without their express permission. to contact Carl please visit
Jon Amos and Project 98 wish to thank Carl for use of his pictures.