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Project '98.

To the Roof of Africa on wheels.

Inspiration from project 98

If nothing else was to come out of project '98 but a telephone call I had received from Moorlands Junior school in Bath, England I feel that we would have at least succeeded in our goal to inspire other people to push forward their own boundaries.

The telephone call was about Russell Newman, who is a 11 year old student at the school. He had asked if he might be able to do a sponsored walk to raise funds for the charity chosen by project '98 and had asked all of his school friends to sponsor him, which they did. I visited the school on Friday 6th March 1998 to support his efforts and watched this remarkable young man walk 100metres in around fifteen minutes to raise in excess of £100.

What, I hear those of you who take walking for granted ask, is so inspiring about this task, well what I will tell you is that Russell Newman has Cerebral Palsy and normally uses an electric wheelchair to get about. Even though he finds walking very painful,this did not stop him pushing his own boundaries further, as he said he was inspired by what I had done, the feeling is mutual Russell!