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Team Roles and Responsibilities

Jon Amos - Mountain Ascent Coordinator/Stills Photographer
Jon is the ascent coordinator and photographer. Jon is 39 years old, married to Lynn and has two children. He is an international weightlifter and has represented Great Britain both as an athlete and coach on numerous occasions. Jon is also a member of the National Association of Sports Coaches and a B.A.W.L.A. coach. His ambition is to live life to the full and make the most of his talents and never to ponder on what might have been!! He was voted coach of the year in 1997.

Derek Groves - Team Leader/Biographer
Derek is a physical education officer in the prison service. He is also a Great Britain coach working with athletes with disabilities. His ambition in life is to eradicate prejudice and push back the boundaries of the possible, and be the best that he can.

Terry Barnes Mountain Leader / (Sirdar, Nepalese MountainBoss) Nickname Barny! Terry is 40 year old and is also a physical education officer in the prison service. He is an very experienced winter climber with 5 years experience (Scotland) 10 years mountain leader (Summer S.P.S.A) all areas of UK walking (Mountains) Alpine and Iceland (Walking) His long term ambition is to trek in Nepal and Greenland

Mark Harling - Deputy Team Leader
Mark Harling aged 29 - Former Royal Marines Commando and now a physical education officer in the prison service. Marks role in the expedition will be logistics support on the mountain. His ambition in life is to aid Jon in his attempt to demonstrate the limitless capabilities of wheelchair athletes.

Flt Lt Dr Janet Hastle, Royal Air Force
Dr Janet is 28 year old and was born in Holmfirth, Yorkshire into a mountaineering family. She has always harboured an ambition to be an expedition doctor and Project 98' will now allow her to realise this, with the added bonus of assisting a wheelchair athlete to realise his. She is looking forward to working with the team to achieve this unique goal and to have a lot of fun in the process.

Peter Allwood - Information Technology and Communications Officer
Peter is a 47 year old lecturer in information technology. He is a British Radio Amateur G6 YOS and confesses to like gadgets or anything electronic. He is a keen hill walker and has taken part in the Great Gables ascent and the video he filmed was later shown in America and on local television. His task on Project 98' will be to document the ascent and down load the digital images into the Internet on a daily basis and also hopes to be able to receive and reply to E Mail during the time on the mountain.

Jim Sowter - Logistic Support Team Leader
Jim Sowter is a 57 year old principal physical education officer who took early retirement from the prison service in 1996. Previously, Jim had serving for 18 years in the parachute regiment. He spends his time cycling, swimming and walking. In the past, he has made trips to the French Alps with some members of the Project 98 team and during the last year has spent 8 weeks cycling around New Zealand. Jim is currently helping coach the Great Britain wheelchair weightlifting team with Jon and is looking forward to running the portage team on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Mary Groves - Base Camp Liaison
Mary Groves is a 42 year old child care specialist. Mary has welcomed the opportunity to run the base camp during this expedition and intends to work in the health care field and study the needs of a the local community around Moshi at first hand.

Conrad Trickett - Logistics Support Mountain Group
Conrad is a 26 years old and has served as an officer in the Royal Marines for seven years. He is present duty is as a training officer in the City of London Reserve Unit R.M. and spends as much of his free time as possible hillwalking and climbing or as he says, variations on that theme! Conrad has played an active part in charity fund raising events in the past but admits that this will surpass all the others.

Cpl. Robbie Roberts - Logistics Support Mountain Group
Robbie is a 34 year old physical training instructor, married to Rachel with two children, Alice aged 5 and Jack aged 2. He is an ex world abseil endurance record holder, (8 hours) and his ambition is to take part in the successful ascent of Mt.Killamanjaro with Jon and the team.

Cpl. Simon Davies - Logistics Support Mountain Group
Simon is 31 years old and is interested in most sports but his favourite is gymnastics. His ambition is to qualify as an ocean yachtsman and to successfully reach the summit of Mt. Killmanjaro with Jon and the team. He always enjoys a challenge and admits that this will be the toughiest yet!

Nicholas Allwood - Mountain Support Group
Nicholas is an 18 year old apprentice engineer. He is a keen sportsman and plays for the local football team. He has diligently taken part in all of the Project '98 training events and was "over the moon" when offered a place on the team. His only comment was "it's a life time opportunity" to be able to play a part in Project '98.

Barry Tompson - Expedition Photographer & Mountain Support Group
Barry is a lecturer in photograph and is a keen hill walker and
has vast experience in photographing expeditions throughout Europe and Asia.