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Cyclone Mobility and Fitness (CJS Custom)

In 1966 the founder of Cyclone Mobility and Fitness was involved in a road traffic accident which left him permanently disabled. Disillusioned with the wheelchairs available at the time, he began manufacturing superior, lightweight chairs for active users. From that day to this, the needs and requirements of their customers have been paramount. Their sales consultants are all wheelchair users themselves, thus providing a level of understanding, knowledge and assistance unrivalled by any other manufacturers or dealers. Their attention to detail extends across all their equipment, which is one of the most comprehensive range available in the United Kingdom and all designed specifically for the disabled.

Cyclone Mobility and Fitness began manufacturing lightweight wheelchairs in January 1990 as a company called CJS Custom. At that time, CJS manufactured a lightweight wheelchair at a vastly reduced price to its competitors, ie. the competition varied between £1500.00 to £2000.00, CJS sold at £895.00 for the first 12 months. This gave the business a foothold in the market which at the time was entering into a recession (along with all other products).

Since that time the business has gone much further than was originally planned, and with feedback from their customers, Cyclone chairs have developed into a full and comprehensive range. There is the adjustable 7020 Alloy chair, a Hybrid 7020/325 Titanium chair and an adjustable 325 Titanium chair, a made to measure Alloy chair (the original), a made to measure Titanium chair, a general sports Alloy chair, a general sports Titanium 325 chair, three 7020 Alloy three wheeled tennis chairs, three Titanium 325 three wheeled tennis chairs, and a basketball/rugby chair in both Alloy 7020 and Titanium.

CJS five years ago also saw the need for fitness equipment and now imports a number of specifically designed gymnasium equipment for wheelchair users. This is now a major part of their business and Cyclone employ a fitness manager to oversee the sales of the Versatrainer, Uppertone, the APT (Active Passive Trainer) and are developing sales into the leisure industry market.

Cyclone Mobility and Fitness have been greatly awarded from local media and national television. They have also been given awards from Livewire, Princes Trust and numerous other accredited awards such as an award from Kidsons Impey for business success. Stuart Dunne, the Managing Director of Cyclone Mobility and Fitness is himself a wheelchair user and represents the Princes Youth Business Trust on their national committee pushing forward the growth of awards to disabled people starting up in business.

Cyclone have recently moved premises to allow their expansion programme to grow without any problems associated with compact premises. The Ellesmere Port location is approximately 2500 sq ft and is now fully operational.

The Tracker handcycle which is to be used by Jon Amos in his world record ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro is distributed exclusively by Cyclone in the United Kingdom. The Tracker is a cycle attachment specially designed to convert a wheelchair into a hand powered tricycle. The unit has a 14 speed gear arrangement and a highly sophisticated roller braking assembly.

The Cyclone wheelchair which has been specially built for Jon's trek up Mt Kilimanjaro is a modified 7020 Alloy chair weighing only an astonishing 14 kgs.