Emergency and Outdoor First Aid:
Course Title Emergency and Outdoor First Aid:
Location Cumbria, Oxfordshire and countrywide
Date Throughout the year and in-house courses available for your group

Emergency and Outdoor First Aid

Fieldskills are a training company specialising in safety training for outdoor activities, expeditions and fieldwork.

All of our first aid courses teach core, essential skills based on the latest up to date protocols. Our courses are certified by HSE and QCA approved organisations in the UK and as such are suitable for validating NGB qualifications, workplace requirements and skills for every day life.

Throughout our courses we use hands on scenarios to apply essential core skills to real life situations and often look at applying protocols in the outdoors or remote expedition environments. Our 16 hour outdoor course meets the requirements of NGB qualifications such as ML and SPA and covers:

Accident Procedures: Essential life saving systems for assessing and treating unconscious casualties.

Resuscitation and choking: Applying the latest protocols to deal with non-breathing casualties.

Bleeding: We will look at dealing with major bleeds.
Major Injuries: We will look at major injuries to the head, chest, limbs and spine.

Insulating and Sheltering: We will consider how to manage your casualty until help arrives.

Scenarios: We will use both indoor and outdoor scenarios to give extensive practical experience of dealing with first aid incidents.

We also run a range of other training courses including expedition planning and tropical forest, mountain and desert courses amongst others… see www.fieldskills.co.uk for more details

What do our clients say:
Really enjoyed the course – my first, first aid training and MUCH better than I expected. Clear, useful everyday advice with increasing complexity – my confidence has massively improved knowing that I could try and help in lots of situations now! Thank you!

Very engaging and never dull

Just to again say thanks for the good training. I had to use my new found first aid skills last night for the first time and it all came very naturally, and i'll put that down to the way your course repeatedly practiced and drove home the essentials.

The down to earth practical style got the message across more clearly than any other first aid course I have attended.

Good, fast pace and good humour, very useful and informal

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