The National Navigation Award Scheme
It is intended for people of all ages and abilities both inside and outside formal education. It now operates as two categories for adults over 15 and children [Young Navigator Star Award].

The Senior Scheme is aimed at the walker intending to explore the countryside, those planning more adventurous expeditions into wild country on foot or bicycle, as well as the competitive orienteer or fell runner.

The Junior Scheme operates on school or centre sites and parks and introduces basic map and compass skills in a fun manner in familiar environments.

The teaching of both schemes relies on keeping map and compass together.
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The British Orienteering Federation (or BOF as it is known to all orienteers) is the official governing body for orienteering as a sport and recreation in the United Kingdom, and represents the United Kingdom on the world governing body for orienteering, the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) which has 49 member nations in all parts of the world.
There are several different forms of orienteering. The international Orienteering Federation (IOF) is the world governing body for foot-orienteering, ski-orienteering, mountain bike orienteering and trail orienteering.

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