To The Extreme - Report 1 - 27/3/2002

Hi folks
Got your message about the radios, there is no need to worry, we will be fine without them, Mukul explained about the costs being more than the worth of sending them by courier, and because of more holidays, like Easter, it wouldn’t get here for ages.

We got here very late last night, and to bed about 2:00 this morning, needless to say there are a few problems, but after a worried arrival into such a huge and busy community, we found our way to the very nice hotel by an air conditioned coach (driving worse than Albania mum!). We were up by 7, and have just had a very good quality breakfast, it’s a basic hotel room, but air conditioned, with TV and on-suite, and a stark view of the city, much like the typical poorer Mediterranean views across Argastoli in Kefilonia, but without the charm.

We’ll find the extent of the problems today, apparently one of the items from the cargo hasn’t arrived, but I’m hoping that when they were repacked in London they put a smaller item in one of the bigger bags, but either way, 22 items are sat in the airport, and we’re trying to rush through the releases for them. We’re got to go to the visa offices and other bits and bobs today, and are looking forward to the excitingly described fly into Leh tomorrow, and the first sight of the mountain.

Everyone seems well, just very tired.

Take care, and I’ll mail when I can next.