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Rating: 9
Brand: Outside Books
Price: £ 16.95
Pros: World class text, info and images.
Cons: none

  Author - Rob Story
ISBN 0-393-32017-5
211 pages plus index

As with other titles in the Adventure Travel series from Outside Magazine this book on Mountain Biking contains reports on some of the worlds best MTB locations. Four sections cover the 'Mecca's', mostly USA regions, The Tropics which include Cosat Rica, Hawaii and Jamaica. The Road Trips which include Australia, New Zealand, south Africa, Switzerland and West Virginia. the fourth section is called 'The Outer Limits' and looks at mountain biking in Bolivia, Nepal and Thailand. Pictures are great as one would expect from an Outside publication. Routes and other info is great too. This is one of those books that make you want to pack up your gear and get out there. Rob includes the following details for each region/route

  • Bike shops
  • Outdoor gear shops
  • Recommended reading
  • Trip Length
  • Physical challenge
  • Mental challenge
  • Best Time for trip
  • Price range independant
  • Price range guided
  • Start point
  • Trouble spots and local problems

Reviewed by David Lynch