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Rating: 9
Brand: Countryman Press
Price: £ 17.95
Pros: Fantastic read
Cons: Shame about so many B&W pictures.

  ISBN 0-88150-507-2
256 pages
Detailed Index

Chris Townsend has the great talent of taking the reader along the Arizona Trail without the pain of shouldering a 70lb rucksack. Starting out from the Mexican border Chris takes us through the fantastic landscapes of the trail to it's conclusion near Coyote Canyon at the border with Utah. The trail is actually a new concept with the complete sections only becoming 'joined up' recently. This makes a book about an 830 mile trek by an englishman who lives in scotland quite notable. When you add in the fact that it is great read regardless of your interest in Arizona you have a winner. Chris has become a master of long distance trails in Europe he has climbed all the Munro's and walked across Norway. In the USA, he has completed long solo trips in the Yukon in addition to other areas. If anyone is qualified to write a guide to the Arizona Trail it is Chris.

Reviewed by David Lynch