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Rating: 7
Brand: Victorinox
Price: £ 50.00

  Weight (without fuel): 650g
Fuel: butane/propane gas cartridge
Time to boil 0.5 litre water: 8 min 30 sec
Maximum burning time: on CV270 cartridge, 4 hours 12 min
Test conditions: outdoors 14 degrees C, moderate breeze

This is the world's first flameless stove. Yep, you read that right, it has no flame. The secret lies in the revolutionary catalytic combustion technology which allows it to produce heat without fire. What happens is a chemical reaction takes place between the gas and the catalytic coating inside the burner to produce the heat. More importantly as there's no flame, this stove is less affected by the wind and is obviously safer to use. The Trek 270 is very easy to use as you simply attach the burner to a gas cylinder, turn on the gas and click the ignition key - just like a gas hob in your kitchen. You don't get a roar from this little beaut, more of a refined hiss. The surface of the burner begins to glow after about 30 seconds and then rapidly becomes very hot. The surface of the burner is flat, to provide maximum conduction of heat and to prevent the wind whipping the heat away. You then simply place your pan on top and away you go. One other nice trick about this stove is that you can turn it over through 360 degrees without it flaring, burning your hand or going out. Mind you if you leave your pan of food on top while you do this you'll make a right mess on the floor! The boil times aren't fantastic and the stove is a little heavy - it's also a little less stable than some lower profile stoves. But for anyone who needs a safe stove that's easy to use, this is for you.

Reviewed by Clive Tully