Farthing arrives as darkenss falls at Whitehaven.

June 16th Whitehaven

Farthing is through the sea lock and can drop her runners. She will be the last boat in or out of the harbour until 00.30 when the tide will be high enough for the deep keel of the yachts. With Lightning Reflex away on the last sea leg all on her own we will be looking at the teams that are competing for the Tilman Trophy, a great prize.

Battered Boats and Crews Arrive at Whitehaven

The leaders came into Whitehaven with a ripped spinnaker after the yacht was blown over, and as more yachts came in there were similar stories told by the crews.

Caol Ila too had their Spinnaker ripped in two, by a 42 knot gust of wind, and the skipper Trevor Bassett had to go up the mast in a bosun's chair to free a halyard. Despite this they came into the marina in 4th place not far behind 'Stormcruiser', another contender for the Tilman Trophy.

Still with all her sails intact and with a very happy crew Team KAAT had raced hard to get into Whitehaven with the tide, and they just squeezed through in time. Skipper Nick Hoad said they'd had "another good days sailing" but crew man Mark Waterhouse described it as "exhilarating, frightening and back breaking". After losing 8 places when they ran aground approaching Caernarfon yesterday they were pleased to be back in contention in the race. And its a close race, with 6 teams in a chasing fleet behind the two Reflex 38's.

Times into Whitehaven Sunday P.M.
Hannah 13.04
Lightning Reflex 13.04
Stormcruiser 19.10
Caol Ila 19.25
Greased Lightning 20.26
Kaat 20.34
Farthing 20.44

Farthing have come with the bikes on board. The teams
have a choice of carry them on the boat or letting a
support crew bring them by road.


The runners from Greased Lightning chase along the
pontoon after their arrival with Parhelion.

The runners from Farthing come fully kitted out apart from a rucksack or two.

We noticed that the bikes are a little different from the other teams bikes. The Farthing riders are on single gear machines - Fixed Gear Fever has come to Whitehaven!

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