Greased Lightning with the paddles out makes good progress through the Swellies.

June 16th The Swellies

With the race progessing at a fantastic pace the fleet are taking advantage of the conditions and are flying through the course. The leading boats were heading into the Swellies around midnight and were looking to go through on the early tide.

Here are some of the fleet as they all make good progress through this notorious stretch of water.

Greased Lightning has shipped the oars as the wind rises to see them safely through the Swellies.

Away she goes heading out into the safer waters and towards Whitehaven.

As the wind strength increases the following boats are getting along without the paddles.

Barmouth boat Midnight Getaway pass under the Menai Bridge.

Mew Gull follows them a few moments later.

The camera boat draw alongside and Rob Howard conducts one of his famous ship to ship interviews.

The sun starts to break through as the boats head into the Irish Sea.

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