Mew Gull, the last yacht arrives at Fort William (well almost!).

Fort William Wednesday Evening - 19th June

The 2002 race draws to a close with the arrival at Corpach of Mew Gull the last yacht still in the race. All the boats have been accounted for and when the runners from Mew Gull return from Ben Nevis it will bring the race to a conclusion. It is great to know that all the yachts and their crews are safe and well after one of the most dramatic races for many years.

Mew Gull makes a smart turn as she lines up for the jetty...

..and then runs aground 10 yards from Scotland!

A little bit of reverse gets her quickly off and moored.

Mew Gull's runners chase up the jetty gangway

Probably our last image of the 2002 Three Peaks Yacht Race.