18th June - Corpach in the late afternoon and another wild squall arrives.

Fort William Tuesday Afternoon - 18th June

As yachts arrive as runner descend from Ben Nevis we are trying hard to keep up with events at the finish line. In addition to the furious sailing activity we have had appalling weather conditions with horizontal rain blown in from force 7 southerly gales. This is the worst weather for years in the area.

KAAT arrive at warp speed and close on the inner marker.

Their yacht, Parhelion has done the Three Peaks a few times before and probably knows her way in but Team KAAT go for a quick finish.

A nice picture of Parhelion with a busy deck.

The runners get ready for the jetty as Team KAAT get ready to do a quick turn.

Welcome to Corpach, a brief interlude in the wild rain allows
Team KAAT to deliver their runners.

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