14th June - 7.30at Barmouth. After a grim day of rain and then more rain the race
fleet is assembled at Barmouth.

Merrioneth Yacht Club - Barmouth - Friday Evening

The weeks weather has been unkind to the teams as they have made their way to Barmouth for the 25th running of this amazing adventure race. The Royal Marines missed the tidal gate into Barmotuh and told me that they 'bounced around' in the steep waves until they could get in and relax. Their language was slightly more colourful but I think you will get the picture.
Geoff West had problems getting away from the Solent where Lightning Reflex is based. Geoff said that the sea state and weather forced them to lay up for 24 hours after only sailiung about 10 miles! Thankfully Lightning Reflex is here for the start and Geoff plans to make up for his problems in the 2000 race.

The picture of the ChicNic team shows that even well balanced and seemingly intelligent people can be bitten by the Three Peaks bug. I am sure some of them said they would never do a Three Peaks Yacht race ever again. It's good to see them back.

Trevor Bassett and the crew of Caol ila are bringing a new boat to the race and also sending in reports of their progress. Keep having a look at 'boat eye view' as we add Terry Poveys pictures to the site.
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