18th June - Ben Nevis from the runners start point at Corpach.

Fort William Tuesday Afternoon - 18th June

The 2002 race is not letting up its pace. The marshall and the press team are still recovering from the late finish, many went for 24 hours without sleep yesterday, when word arrives that Caol Ila are approaching the Corran Narrows and could be at Corpach soon. The weather is vile. It changes from spring to winter in an instant and the wind is gale force. It is hard to believe that we are almost at midsummers day!!!!

On the last leg of the race Caol Ila's skipper is running and the team hope to capture the coveted Tilman Trphy.

Caol Ila arrive knowing that the marines and Stormcruiser are not far behind

The skipper is one of the runners on this leg as the team go flat out for the Tilman Trophy.

Another rain squall thrashes the runners as they leave Corpach for the track to Ben Nevis.

Caol Ila is brought into the outer lock....


And there is time to talk to the marshalls.

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