The TransAustralia Expedition.
4000 Kilometres across Australia from Adelaide to Darwin
Steve MacDonald and Ben Sturt.

First Diary Report from Ben and Steve 5/5/99

Sorry for the delays in posting Steve and Bens progress reports - Ed.Bluedome

Report One
Two years of planning start to bear fruit

Report Five
Plan B takes shape

Report Two
Friends and problems

Report Six
Four days walk to Cameron's Corner

Report Three
Camels arrive at last

Report Seven
Across the Simpson' to Alice Springs

Report Four
Changes to the plans

Report Eight
Freezing nights in Stoney Desert

Report Nine
40 kms to 'Alice'


"It represents one of the last great journeys on earth and also challenges the concept that disabled people have no place undertaking adventures of this kind.
Both participants of this expedition are accomplished outdoors people and have demonstated that if anyone can complete this hazardous journey they can.
Please use the above links to read the full story and keep up to date with the planning, the recce' and the full story of the 1999 Trans Australia Expedition."

David Lynch, Managing Editor. BlueDome

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