Senior Instructor Development Programme
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Salary and Benefits

£980 per month plus a wide range fo training and benefits

Date Posted: 14/1/2020

Active Outdoor Pursuits
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Senior Instructor Development Programme

Application Deadline – 18th February 2020

Active’s SIDP (Senior Instructor Development Programme) - Take your outdoor career to the next level with the best in the business!

Active Outdoor Pursuits Outdoor Senior Instructor Development Programme (SIDP) offers outdoor instructors wide ranging opportunities to propel their careers. The programme will ensure you become a highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable outdoor instructor capable of taking on senior responsibilities.

Our senior instructor development programme (SIDP) is a 15–month scheme designed to support experienced outdoor instructors to develope their career further; growing their industry knowledge, coaching and leadership skills to attain higher level NGB qualifications and or expand the NGB qualifications they currently have.

Who are Active?
Active Outdoor Pursuits is an outdoor adventure company who provide training, courses and events across Scotland, in Spain and USA. We are based at the Cairngorms Adventure Centre, in the Cairngorms National Park Scotland as well as in the Great Glen and Ayrshire.

Our clients include, and are not limited to; Tourists, schools (primary & secondary) from multi activity weeks to the full Duke of Edinburgh programme, youth groups & community organisations, adventure activity days and multi day trips, Scotland-wide expeditions, business & corporate groups, Instructor Training Courses and Personal & Team Development Courses.

At Active we believe in giving all our clients real and authentic outdoor adventures, that the full value and benefits can only be gained, experienced and appreciated by participation in genuine outdoor environments, wild and remote places.
The activity must be delivered by people who are truly passionate about the outdoors, their career and always strive to give every client the best possible experience.

The Senior Instructor Development Program (SIDP)
We have successfully been providing this program for nearly 20 years and have supported many instructors to grow their outdoor careers. Traditionally this course has been recruited from our IDP program but from 2020 we are delighted to offer this externally.

The program is specifically designed for people who already have experience and NGB qualifications, but wish to expand their skills, qualifications and experience or consolidate or diversify their experience and gain higher level NGB qualifications.

We have built a program that breaks down the barriers to allow people to realise their outdoor career ambitions: supported development, amazing venues, diverse groups and locations, like minded buddies to play and train with, experience staff to shadow and be mentored by, junior staff to train and mentor…It’s a tried and tested approach that delivers thinking, dynamic and highly qualified instructors to the industry sector.

You will predominately be based at Cairngorms Adventure Centre, Newtonmore. Self-catering accommodation is provided in the shared facilities at the centre. Meals are provided from time to time when clients are being catered for.

Following a period of induction, in all areas of company operations, you will work as part of the instructional team providing activities where you are qualified, while having the opportunity to shadow, receive training etc in other areas. Our adventures are wide ranging at world class venues, expeditions across Scotland. You will, with the rest of the core team, continue to have responsibilities and duties in all areas of company service e.g. (catering cleaning, maintenance, admin).

Over this first 3 months, we will be working with you to identify your short and long term development needs and spend time to appraise your performance and clarify agreed outcomes as you work towards your long term career ambitions. We will then formulate a PDP, training/assessment schedule for the remainder of your time at Active.
• This is a paid position of £980 per month.
• Shared self catering accommodation
• Active will pay course fees as agreed in your PDP (these will be refundable to Active should you leave within the 15 month contract)
• You will have an average of 3 days off a week and 23 days annual leave a year.
• You will use your own time and transport to access training assessment courses.
• Evening and weekend working is standard.
• Meals are available when clients are being catered for at the centre.

During the 15 month contract you will continue to work as part of the team providing services in every aspect of the company’s business as well as continuing to grow your knowledge, experience and prepare for / attend formal training as per your PDP.

We cannot emphasis how important it is that you are fully committed to your personal development. Training and practicing with your colleagues is expected, to ensure you are fully prepared for all courses in advance.

Our world class location in the centre of the Highlands of Scotland, in the Cairngorms National Park makes all this easy, with an abundance rivers, lochs, mountains, crags, ski centres and the sea! It’s quite literally an outdoor paradise!

During your leave time you will be offered the opportunity to join in 2 international trips. These are generally a Snowsports trip to Colorado and a climbing trip to Spain. Accommodation and training/experience (as appropriate) are provided by us but all other costs including insurance, flights, lift passes etc.. are covered by yourself.

The time you spend with Active will not only grow your qualifications and the range of sports you can coach, you will greatly enhance your leadership, knowledge of the industry and associated skills and experience.

Over the years many SIDP have stayed with Active for a further employment as senior instructors or managers.

What do we expect from you?
We ask for you to work diligently for the company in all aspects of our operations, to look after our clients wither that be on activities or at the centre. This includes supporting or providing activities, maintaining our centre, buses and equipment, driving, cleaning duties, catering & kitchen assistance, bookings & office support.

We expect you turn up to work ready, energised and willing to always deliver your best whatever duties are allocated to you that day.

You must remain open to feedback, willing to learn and embrace our “Active buddying” system; use your time off to train, mentor, practise, study and support from and with your colleagues.

Can I apply?
Applicants must have the following prerequisites:
• Passionate about the outdoors and committed to growing their career
• Previous experience of working in the outdoor industry
• A driving licence which allows them to drive in the UK.
• Must be 21 years of age (by starting date) due to motor insurance requirements
• A first aid certificate (minimum 16 hour course with 6 months until revalidation required)
• Either Minimum of 4 NGB Assessed qualifications from the list below (or senior level)
• Summer Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, BC Sheltered water coach (Canoe/ Kayak) , White Water Rafting Award, Mountain Biking, Ski or Snowboard qualifications, Canoe Leader Award, PCV driver (D1)

If you do not currently have the prerequisites you may wish to consider applying for our Instructor Development Program (IDP) (see our website for more details) This will support you to attain the required qualifications.

What Qualifications can I obtain?
Outcomes are unique and depend on individual starting points, natural ability and commitment!
Our aim is to develop you in your outdoor career. Attaining the experience, group sessions and skill levels to prepare you for the formal training and assessment elements as outlined in your Personal Development Plan.
This involves the NGB qualifications listed below. Note: this list is not a tick list for everyone’s personal goals as everyone has different learning styles and specific areas of interest, ambitions and talent.  Please see this list as more of a “flavour” of potential outcomes as achieving qualifications can never be guaranteed! We can provide the opportunities, environment, support and courses but success is dependent on your commitment, it is your responsibility to use your time off to practice and consolidate your learning. 
 • Summer Mountain Leader; Training / Assessment
• Winter Mountain Leader: Training/Assessment
• Rock Climbing Instructor Award: Training / Assessment (MCI preparation)
• Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor: Training/ Assessment
• BC Paddlesports performance and coaching qualifications, disciplines & levels as appropriate
• SRA Raft Guide, levels as appropriate
• Skiing/ Snowboard performance awards or instructor qualifications as appropriate
• British Cycling Mountain Bike training and assessments levels as appropriate 
• Canyon Guide Training (in-house)
• Expeditions on foot, Bike, Canoe and Sea Kayak.
• International training camps in Skiing, Snowboarding and Climbing
• DofE Assessor
• D1 PCV Mini bus driving license

How can I apply?
Application Form can be found on our website
Completed application to

Due to the high volume of applications we ask that you direct any questions to the above email and we will get back to you directly.

Applications Open – December 2019
Application Deadline – 18th February 2020
Interviews – 28th February – 1st March 2020
Start date – 6th April 2020

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