Outdoor Education Instructors
Location: Sydney, Australia
Salary and Benefits

$24.34 per hr

Date Posted: 26/4/2019
CONTACT: John Whitehorn
Nepean Adventure Centre
71 Dredge Ave
Douglas Park
Sydney, Australia

EMAIL: office@nepeanadventurecentre.com.au
WEBSITE: www.nepeanadventurecentre.com.au

Outdoor Education Instructors

Nepean Adventure Centre is one of the newest camp centres in NSW yet already one of the largest with its affiliation with a number of other Outdoor Education Centre.

We are looking to extend our staff rosters due to the high demand we have from schools in our first 18 months since we opened.

For the full details about the job and its duties, accommodation and food, travel support and visa information please email - office@nepeanadventurecentre.com.au

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