Seasonal Outdoor Instructors in the USA

Location: All over the US
Salary and Benefits Up to $1200 (9 weeks)
Date Posted: 2015 posts

Seasonal Outdoor Instructors in the USA

Spend your summer as an Outdoor Instructor in the USA!

Are you passionate about outdoor activities and water sports? Would you like to spend the summer in the USA? Camp America presents a unique opportunity for you to instruct a variety of outdoor activities at a children’s summer camp in the USA culminating in a summer experience of a lifetime.

At the camps we work with, there is currently a huge demand for counsellors with experience in various outdoor activities. These areas include Archery, High/low ropes, Climbing, Sailing, Canoeing/Kayaking, Powerboat Driving and many, many more. So if you have experience in any of these activities you’d have a great chance of getting a summer placement at camp!

We work with over 600 camps so you could end up literally anywhere in the USA for around nine weeks. During your placement you’ll get the chance to lead children in a wide-range of activities. You may be hired as a specialist in a specific activity which will involve dedicating much of your time to this area. For example, as a Sailing specialist you’ll spend a lot of your time at the water front instructing Sailing to kids of all ages at the water front (which is a pretty awesome position!). You’ll also have the chance to get involved with everything else that camp life has to offer, like helping out with other sports and activities.

Luckily the Camp America experience isn’t over when your time at camp comes to an end as you’ll have the chance to travel all over the USA for 30 days! People usually get together and travel in groups to famous locations such as Miami Beach, Hollywood, Las Vegas and, of course, New York which really does make it a summer to remember!

If you are studying or working in the Outdoors, this is a great opportunity for you to practice the skills you already have in an international context, which will look absolutely amazing on your CV!

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