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This is one of the newest sections of BlueDome and is a feature that our current advertisers have been asking to be provided.

BlueDome is a valuable resource for the outdoor industry for almost 10 years. BlueDome has proved to be a great asset to companies seeking to recruit specialist outdoor staff and our new sections covering courses and accommodation should prove to be equally popular.

Costs to advertise - BlueDome Courses and Holidays Section
Single Course or Holiday advert - £50.00 for 12 MONTH run!

Registered User - £200 for up to 10 adverts across all categories in the BlueDome Courses and Holidays sections - 12 MONTH run!

Each advert is created as an HTML page with tags. BlueDome is regularly scanned by all major search engines and your indivdual advert will be listed. It is often the case that BlueDome pages appear higher than your own website!

Please note - the term 'user' is recognised by ourselves as a single employer.

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