International Outdoor Instructor Course
Location Portugal and further abroad
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Shark's Training
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International Outdoor Instructor Course

2018 course commences 5th November 2018

Our International Outdoor Instructor Course is a fully immersive, professional foundation and adventure programme, taking place over ten months, with the opportunity to develop your skills as an outdoor instructor in a variety of exciting and diverse environments in Portugal and around the globe. Our course will provide you with everything you need to begin your career as an outdoor instructor, along with a life changing opportunity for adventure.

The programme involves four core stages:
Training. Four months (Essential)

Based in Portugal you will undergo four months of instruction and training building your skills for a professional foundation ensuring the best start for your career as a multi activity outdoor instructor. During this process you will learn not just excellent foundational skills for the core disciplines but also the essentials of health and safety, leadership skills and programme design. An integral part of this process will be to practice these skills in diverse and exciting locations around Portugal.

Certification. Two months (Essential)
Upon completion of the training stage, you will begin gaining the qualifications necessary to become a professional outdoor instructor. This will take place over two months, as well as set you up for your work experience and assessments. As part of this process you will travel to the UK where you will undergo further training and experience in different landscapes while completing your Rock Climbing instructor certification, and your Moorland leader and Level Two Mountain Bike leader training. All kayak, canoe and surfing certification will be completed in Portugal.

Work Experience. One month (Optional but highly recommended)
Not essential but normally recommended for completing your training and before moving on to your assessments you need to gain experience working in the field. This is a chance to hone your new skills with a professional company within a safe and supportive learning environment. You may choose to do so at our home base of Shark’s Lodge in Portugal or we can assist you with finding a professional placement of your choice.

Expedition. Three months (Optional)
Expeditions are an excellent way to put your learning into practice. A vital part of being a professional outdoor instructor is about making important decisions in an ever-changing environment with many factors to consider such as health and safety, weather, and group management. All who choose to do this module will have the opportunity to plan and design the expedition in the countries of their choice with the support of your fully qualified trainers and guides.

Rationale for the course design
After working in the outdoor industry for twenty-five years, both experiencing and leading courses around the world, we realised there is an element missing in the traditional instructor training courses. Most people who decide to enter this field do so because they have a love of adventure. So why not ensure this element is an integral part of the training itself? Most courses run in the centres low season, to make a profit during the winter months. Travel is minimized for profit, courses are advertised as ‘fast track’, meaning there is little room for you to get ready for some of the qualifications. For most locations that also means being wet and cold for long hours while trying to learn the basics. There will be a balance of bringing the theory of outdoor education and adventure into practice to promote well rounded practitioners.
Our course aims at:
• Getting you mentally and physically ready on a slow, steady pace, so you can absorb more of the experience
• Giving enough time and support for you to learn the skills in a comfortable manner
• Provide space and support for experiential learning introducing reflective practice from the beginning.
• Giving you proper, healthy, tasty food, that keeps you going and happy
• Letting you take control of your own learning as time goes by, making group decisions on places to go and activities to do
• Getting a set of qualifications that range from mountain to water, winter to summer, allowing you more flexibility in the future
• Learning skills on expeditions. Example: we will go down a river for a week, instead of driving to the same location for lessons everyday
• Having a relaxed atmosphere. We will train you to be professional, focused, competent and work under pressure, but without stress
• Allowing enough opportunities for you to gain the necessary experience to achieve the qualifications and to expand them with real world travel adventures.
• Have loads fun!!!

Why Portugal?
Portugal offers a wide range of landscapes and weather conditions. We believe that this provides the perfect platform for learning by being able to offer this through experiencing a variety of conditions. Portugal is renowned for its sunshine but is does rain here and produce a wider variety of different conditions to train in. While you get mild weather coastal conditions in the winter there is snow on Portugal’s highest mountain Serra da Estrela.
Our centre is in an ideal location in Portugal. With these locations on the doorstep:
• Berlengas UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
• Over 30 surf breaks in a 5km radius
• Sea cliffs which have climbing routes
• 4 National parks 1h away
• 2 large lakes 15km away

What our syllabus covers:
Hard Skills

• Hillwalking and mountain navigation
• Rock Climbing
• Canoeing
• Kayaking
• Sea Kayaking
• Rafting
• Surfing
• Beach Lifeguard
• Mountain Biking
• Ski and Snowboard
• Expedition Planning
• Expedition Video and Photography
• Bushcraft and survival training
• VHF radio operator
• First Aid training remote areas
• Crossfit training
• Kayak building.
• Optional extra Scuba Diving

Soft Skills
• Foundations of Adventure Programming
• Practical and Organisational Skills for Outdoor Leaders
• Instruction and Facilitation in Adventure Programming
• Environmental education and Environmental ethics
• Personal and social development
• Leadership
• Problem Solving
• Team Building and team work
• Team Management

Potential qualification that can be gained
British Canoeing 2-star award Canoe and Kayak
British Canoeing Sea Kayak 3 - Star award.
Foundation Safety and Rescue (FRST), British Canoeing
Paddle Sport Leader, British Canoeing
Rock Climbing Instructor Training, UK Mountain Training
Moorland Leader training, UK Mountain Training
Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Training Award
First Aid
Beach Lifeguard. RLSS
ISA Surf Instructor
VHF Radio Operator
Optional Extra: SSI Open Water Diver

Making the decision to choose the right training course is a significant undertaking, requiring financial and time commitments. We have broken our course down in to four modules which could help your decision to meet your requirements.
Training: £3500 (food and lodging package available at £395 a month)
Time scale: Four months
Training and Certification: £5850 (food and lodging package available at £395 a month)
Time scale: Six months
Work experience: Free
Time scale: One Month

Total cost Training, Certification, Work Experience plus World Expedition: £12,800 (food and accommodation included)
Time scale: Ten months
All modules include specialist equipment, professional training, and travel while on the course.

The cost does not include:
Personal equipment, travel to Portugal, personal health and travel insurance. Visas required for any countries travelled to during the expedition phase. Registration with governing bodies.

For more information on the course content and enrolment please contact us with any questions at
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