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Management Development Training
Corporate events, team building activity, management training, leadership training and corporate fun days with Call of the Wild's unique approach using the natural environment.

Do you want to obtain maximum productivity from your staff? Would you like to Develop high performing leaders and build high performing teams?

Call of the Wild has a repeat business rate of 82% talk to us and discover why.
We at Call of the Wild know that strong teams and leaders will make the difference between success and failure.

Just imagine a workplace where.

  • Leaders and teams share a common vision
  • Open and honest communication is positively encouraged
  • Individuals and teams work within a supportive environment
  • Individuals are encouraged to explore and develop their own capabilities
  • Individuals are aware of the success factors that create high performing teams

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Team Building
Strong and productive teams do not tend to happen by chance. Call of the Wild use an experiential outdoor team building model to illustrate the various stages of team building and develop successful teams.
We have an ambition and desire to use our team building activity programmes and team building events to maximise the effectiveness of both the team and the individual within the workplace. Areas where our approach will be of benefit include

  • Effective communication and listening
  • Trust within the team
  • Support
  • Goal setting
  • Collaboration
  • Shared responsibility
  • The value of review

The ultimate situation is one where the team can function as a single unit demonstrating competence in all the above areas and having a fluid leadership structure, where individual team roles are flexible and changed to meet the need of the group. Call of the Wild's team building courses will take clients teams through each stage of team development, culminating in the production of a winning unit.
Whatever stage of the team building process our client groups are at, Call of the Wild will develop a bespoke corporate event that will help produce teams that excel where it counts-in the real world.

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Leadership Training
Call of the Wild's approach to leadership training and leadership development is again based on the 'learning by doing' method. Our courses provide an opportunity for managers to develop leadership qualities in an environment where they can safely explore their own leadership methods and styles. Leadership training delegates learn from both their successes and mistakes and have feedback that will improve their performance both as a manager and leader when back in the workplace.

Management and leadership in the UK today require that individuals are equipped with the skills and confidence needed to cope with change and uncertainty. The outdoors provides an excellent background for leadership training in the qualities needed to deal with this uncertainty. Leadership development within this context of the unknown has very positive benefits in today's dynamic and unpredictable workplaces where very often Managers are required to make important decisions where the solutions are not always clear cut.

We at Call of the Wild will tailor each leadership development course to the specific needs of our clients matching the content to the specified outcomes, when combined with feedback and facilitation from our trainers this creates a powerful method of transferring learning and development back to the work environment.

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