KAYAK CLINIC 2011 - Ardeche Adventures
Course Title KAYAK CLINIC 2011 - Ardeche Adventures
Location Ardeche, France
Date Throughout 2014

KAYAK CLINIC 2014 - Ardeche Adventures

The Ardeche Adventures Kayak School is designed for adult paddlers or families from complete novice to intermediate, who want to develop their moving water skills and experience a kayak decent of both the Ardeche Gorge and the local Chassezac River.
We understand that not everybody wants to be thrown into the deep end and be pushed beyond their comfort zones - so we have designed a holiday that suits paddlers who want to develop their skills as well as enjoying the natural beauty and wonder of the Ardeche, with good food and great company.

The river levels are a comfortable grade 2 to 3 maximum with some great safe play spots, where you can develop and learn at your own pace. We supply all equipment - you just need to bring the kit you're going to get wet in! If you want to bring your own boats that's cool too!

Our packages run from early September all the way through to the end of May. This is the out of season period for the region, which means the rivers are higher and there are no tourists on the roads or on the rivers!

You also have the advantage of cheaper off-season travel. This really is the ideal time for paddlers!

We are offering a package of six nights accommodation self-catering with all Kayaking equipment and instruction plus transfers from Nimes Airport.

We are running the kayak school from Sunday pick up to Saturday drop off.

We also can supply other activities that give you a break from the river if you wish, high ropes, abseiling and climbing as well as mountain biking are all offered with a supplement to cover the costs.

We have several accommodation options depending on your needs and time of the season.

For our camping or chalet option, Ardeche Adventures runs its kayak school from a wonderful site in Castlejau, by the Chasserzac River. The friendly campsite is family owned and well looked after, with a restaurant and bar on site, plus a beachside Pizzeria a short walk away - www.lestournayres.ea26.com.

The site has a large outdoors pool and there is a bar and dependant on seasons a small restaurant.
Civilisation is not too far away! Just 8km down the road is the medieval town of Joyeuse and in the other direction Le Vans.
You can check out the prices from the site and this is what you will pay, no mark up.

We also have access to several fully furnished apartments including a couple in the town of Joyeuse…2 minutes walk to several restaurants and bars!

Obviously you have the option of finding your own accommodation, just let us know and we can see if we can help out.

Please enquire for prices.

Typical 6 night Kayak Clinic package

Sunday / Dimanche

Fly into Nimes or Marseille, or get the Eurostar/TGV to Avignon. You will have decided if you want to hire your own car, or if you have arrived at Nimes, we will simply come and pick you up!
Obviously if you want to make your own way down to us by road that's also fine.
Once we have shown you to your digs, we will give you a quick tour of the site, perhaps you want to take a swim or go for a walk in these stunning surroundings.
This evening we will go through the weeks events (over a glass or two of wine if you wish), We can get an idea of your skills, and also get to just relax.

Monday / Lundi
The first day we will get you kitted out with a boat that you are comfortable with.
The morning session will take place on a section of the Chassezac River.
Here we will go through all of your skills from the capsize drill to basic strokes.
For the slightly more advanced paddlers, we will evaluate your paddling style and efficiency.
The river is still warm enough to swim in well into late October, so after plenty of paddling, chilling, chatting, swimming and a bit of eating we head back to base.

Tuesday / Mardi
Today we develop your moving water and river reading skills on the Chassezac! The section we do is 7 km, so it's not too taxing; there are plenty of things to learn along the way. And it really is beautiful. If you are a more intermediate group we can paddle a longer section.
In the evening we will give you feedback from today’s session and show you how to pack your barrels. Yes, tomorrow evening you will be staying out on bivouac! Of course this is an option! You may prefer the comfort of your room to a night in a tent

Wednesday / Mercredi
Today we do the Ardeche descent starting from Salavas at the top of the gorge!
All of your sleeping kit will go down in the open boat or be taken down to the bivouac site depending on the time of year.
We have plenty of time to stop and play and work on your moving water skills along the way, even try out some rescue techniques and river safety.
After 16 km we arrive at the bivouac site, its just stunning here, and out of season very quiet.
The only disturbance will be from the wild boar! They are actually pretty timid, and don't make as much noise as Phil snoring!
After a magnificent barbeque, we relax over a glass or two and watch the star filled sky!
We have tents and airbeds, all the comforts for a good nights sleep.

Thursday / Jeudi
'Hot chocolate' is the cry to wake you - with porridge and pancakes of course!
After breakfast, it's back on the river.
More of this beautiful gorge and stunning crystal clear river winding its way down to our destination of Saint Martin. Along the way we take lunch on the rivers edge.
Once arrived and back in our dry kit we can either go and get some food at one of several great restaurants there, or just settle for an ice cream or a beer and hang on until we get back to site.

Friday / Vendredi
This is your last day, and there is so much to do and see in this area we thought it would be better for you to decide.
There are definitely more rivers, and if the water levels are good, then it’s a perfect time to learn some play boat moves down at the local wave!

There are also high ropes, climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, and of course walking! All of these can be arranged and we will let you know any cost well in advance.
The final night you may want to spend at the local restaurant.

Saturday / Samedi
Its time for home and after breakfast we will bid you farewell, that’s if we don’t have to drop you at the Airport and in that case we will bid you farewell there too!

2014 Available Dates - Please enquire
All Kayak equipment and instruction
Transfers to and from Nimes Airport only
Bivouac fee’s

Not Included
Flights and Travel costs
Accommodation costs

Note: we have calculated this cost on the condition that we have at least six bookings. It is therefore at our discretion if we decide to run the kayak Clinic with fewer numbers.
Chalets will have to be shared unless a supplement is paid, but we will try to ensure at least that everybody has a room to them selves.
Transfers other than to/from Nimes can be arranged as long as the entire group arrive at a shared arrival such as Marseille, Lyon or Avignon.

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