School Holiday Daycamps & Group Bookings
Course Title School Holiday Daycamps & Group Bookings
Location YMCA Fairthorne Manor Outdoor Activity Centre - Southampton
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School Holiday Daycamps & Group Bookings

YMCA Fairthorne Manor has been successfully delivering outdoor activities to children and young people for over 60 years, earning us an excellent local and regional reputation. With all of our 23 activities located on our 111acre park and woodland site, each session is within easy walking distance.

Trips to Fairthorne Manor promote outdoor learning and focus on positive outcomes in personal and social development. Each activity is specifically designed for its learning and educational value, contributing to an individual’s personal development.

Daycamps have been running at Fairthorne Manor for over 30 years. The fantastic facilities and enthusiastic, well-trained staff mean our scheme is one of the best in the country.

Age Appropriate Activities
Children are split into age groups based on their school year. This allows us to offer activities most appropriate to their developmental stage.
Holiday Club

(Ages 4 - 7, School Years R - 2)
Our youngest guests enjoy a fun packed programme of activities! The higher ratio of adults to children in this age group ensures the highest level of care whilst still encouraging independence.

Sessions for this age group are led by staff specially selected for their understanding of the needs of younger children.
Holiday Club Typical Activities

• Bug hunting
• Pirate ship obstacle course
• Giant Sand Pit
• Range of sports
• Bouncy Pillow
• Giant games
• Junior Aerial Runway
• Boat trip down the River Hamble
• Arts & Crafts
• Mini Olympic tournament
• Bear Hunt
• Pond Dipping
• Den Building

All these activities form a typical week at Daycamps but programmes can and will vary.

Experience has shown us that our youngest age group can find 5 full days at Fairthorne Manor somewhat exhausting! For this reason, Holiday Clubbers may book shorter weeks during Easter and Summer. For more details, scroll down to the ‘Dates and Prices’ section.

Activity Club
(Ages 7 – 10, School Years 3 – 6)

The programme for Activity Club is action packed and challenging to reflect the insatiable energy of this age group!
Activity Club Typical Activities

• Climbing*
• Abseiling
• Aerial Runway*
• Kayaking*
• Archery*
• Raft Building*
• Team Challenge
• Initiative Tests
• Bouncy Pillow
• Den Building
• Sports
• Wide Games
• Arts & Crafts
• Workshops

During the Summer holidays, all Activity Club children will have the opportunity to try at least five of the ‘core*' activities over the course of the week. At other times of year, the activities will vary depending on how many days are booked and which group they are put into.

Challenge by Choice
Lots of children in this age group are really ready for a greater challenge and the programme of adventure activities allows them to fulfil their potential. Those who are not quite so eager will be sensitively encouraged to push themselves as far as they are happy to.

Fairthorne Manor exercises a ‘Challenge by Choice' policy, whereby no individual will be pressured to participate in an activity they are not ready for.

Experience tells us that even the shyest of children will quickly make friends and great achievements in Activity Club!

Adventure Club
(Ages 11 - 14, School Years 7 - 9)

Progression from Activity Club to Adventure Club is a long awaited honour for our Daycamp regulars! We strive to provide a mixture of physical and mental challenges to keep this group busy. There really is something for everyone.

Adventure Club Typical Activities
• Climbing
• Abseiling
• Aerial Runway
• Kayaking
• Archery
• Raft Building
• Team Challenge
• Initiative Tests
• Bouncy Pillow
• Den Building
• Sports
• Wide Games
• Arts & Crafts
• Workshops
• Towers
• Canoeing
• Sailing
• Low Ropes Course

All these activities form a typical week at Daycamps but it should be noted that programmes will vary depending on a number of factors including tide times.

Club 14 - 16
(Ages 14 - 16, School Years 10 - 11)

The young adults in this age group appreciate a busy timetable packed full of adventurous activities combined with less formal sessions and a greater element of choice.

We aim to provide a range of the traditional activities such as;
Towers High Ropes

These are then mixed up with some more challenging development activities on programmes originally designed for adult team building days!
Double length sessions allow the time to add a unique twist to some of the activities too!

Daycamp Extras
Standard Daycamps run from 9am - 4pm each day. We do however, offer a number of options for extending the day.

With the exception of Holiday Club, all age groups have the option of extending the fun with a Sleepover during Daycamps!

The Big Day
Ideal for working parents, or for children who just can't get enough of Daycamps, The Big Day offers an extension to the standard Daycamp day running from 7.45am - 6pm each day.

During Easter and Summer we offer places on our specially chartered bus routes to bring children direct to the fun! Visit our Transport pages to find your nearest stop.

Themed Daycamps
During the Summer for the first time in 2009, we are offering four Themed Daycamps !

Residential Camps
Starting from just £90, for children aged 8 - 16 you can upgrade your Daycamp to a Residential Camp during Easter, Whitsun and Summer!

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