About the BSAC

What is the BSAC?

BSAC stands for British Sub Aqua Club, the world's biggest diving club.
The BSAC is one of the most respected diving organisations in the world with a reputation for the excellence of its diver training programme.

Formed to promote underwater sport, exploration, science and safety to the highest standards, the BSAC is a Company Limited by Guarantee and as such cannot distribute a profit to its shareholders, the Members (including Officers and Council Members). This means the net results of all BSAC activities are constantly ploughed back into further development of the sport to the benefit of all divers.

What is a BSAC Branch?

BSAC branches are autonomous groups of BSAC members who organise and promote their own diving activities, frequently having group ownership of equipment such as dive boats, compressors and often training equipment. Most branches have open membership and are based on population centres, usually meeting weekly at local swimming pools.
Some groups are based on closed facilities, such as Universities, Military bases or works-based Sports Clubs, and form Special Branches with restricted membership.
BSAC Branches can be found in numerous locations all around the World, with the majority located in the U.K. You can chosse to join a BSAC Branch, or to become a Direct Member of the BSAC.

How can I join a BSAC Diving Course?

You can learn to dive with the BSAC, or you can continue your training if you have started with another organisation.
Courses are available either from a BSAC Branch, or at a BSAC School. Branch training courses are usually provided for the members of a Branch and are organised around the regular Branch meetings, usually at a local swimming pool. BSAC Schools offer dive courses to everyone, it is not necessary to first become a BSAC member. Courses are organised at various times and locations by arrangement and can even be arranged as part of a diving holiday.

If I have started to dive with another organisation, can I continue with the BSAC?

Of course, the BSAC welcomes all divers. It is not unusual to be tempted to try diving while on holiday, and then wish to continue when you return home. Just contact your local BSAC Branch or School and they will be happy to help you continue your dive training and to gain further experience. Any training or certification which you have already received will be taken into account.