The desire to take to the air and fly, something that has focused the minds of man for centuries, the first glider flight was in 1853, Ballooning and Parachuting all have a rich history of technical development and daredevil stunts to bring us to the point in time where many of the sports that were once considered High Risk are practised every day with great safety.

BlueDome staffers recently had an interesting session with a local gliding club much to everyone's satisfaction, we're going again, soon !!! The evening training and flight session was a cheap, enjoyable way to start and most of the Sky Sports that BlueDome supports have a structure where a taster session can be booked with a local club.

BlueDome has decided only to cover the Sky Sports which involve un-powered movement i.e. Ballooning, Gliding, Parachuting, Paragliding and Hang-Gliding, all the sports are supported by a governing body and a large club structure which allows new-comers to get involved quickly and safely.

Safety is a prime consideration with all the Sky Sports and teaching and training systems are always geared to give beginners a safe introduction, many other subjects are included in training programmes, navigation, meteorology, principles of flight and because we use the same playground as everyone else the country code is also included.

If you only try some of these sports once you will have experienced something that is usually the province of the birds, we're flying again soon and several other airborne sports are planned, we'll keep you informed.

Happy Flying

David Lynch, Editor

Headline Links
Skywings is the official web site of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding association, covering all the aspects of their sport, a directory of training schools and reports from around the world.

The BGA are the governing body for gliding in the UK, their web site has masses of relevant information on UK gliding activities and includes a full list of clubs where you can pursue you ambitions to get airborne.

Read Chris Scammells acount of his record breaking flight. Chris flew and bivouaced across 1000 kilometres of the Alps and put himself in the record books.