Tour # 5
Elgin- Banff - Aberdeen
150 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 300 meters.
Highest point: Oldmeldrum - Dyce 200 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Minimal.
Severity Rating: ***
Fun rating: ****

How to get to Elgin:
Train from Glasgow and Inverness.

A long cycle tour on the Banffshire coast and through the heart of Aberdeenshire. This trip can be divided into two very different parts: Elgin - Banff (60 km.) and Banff - Aberdeen (90. km.). The tour is exposed to wind and weather. Do not do this tour in strong wind from South or East. The road from Banff to Aberdeen is very exposed to wind. This tour is recommended for it's diversity and it's length. It is simply a nice tour out in the countryside.

The first part along A 96 goes along the North Sea. Or rather along farmlands and through woodlands some kilometers from the sea. It is only after crossing River Spey and taking the A 98 at Fochabers (shops) towards Fraserburgh that you come down to the sea. Take the road down to Portgordon (A 990) through Buckie (shops). The small road follows the North Sea. Take the road back again to A 98 and over the hill to the Cullen village (shops). This village, which is situated under a disused viaduct, is a true gem. The road goes over a small hill again before it goes down to the sea just before Banff. This scenic city is worthy the whole trip alone. Visit the harbour.
Turn right at the bridge over the river towards Aberdeen. The road (A 947) goes moderate steep up along the river and over to Turriff (shops). Then the road flattens out for a while along a small valley. The road start to rise again after Fyvie. A small, steep climb follows just after Fyvie. From the top of this half a kilometre long climb, the road is moderate climbing all the way through Oldmeldrum (shops) over to the top above Dyce. Aberdeen is now within sight. Some busy road follows. Take the road down along River Don to Aberdeen.