Tour # 4.
Aberdeen - Denmore- Pitmedden - Oldmeldrum- Inverurie - Kemnay- Kintore- Westhill - Aberdeen.
90 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 200 meters.
Highest point: Westhill 100 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Minimal.
Severity Rating: **
Fun rating: ****

How to get to Aberdeen:
Train from Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

This cycle trip was created through a map reading mistake and a nasty cold which made me break off the intended trip at Oldmeldrum. This cycle trip is highly entertaining because it takes you through the best of Aberdeenshire on small roads north and west of Aberdeen. An accident turned into a nice experience. There are some small steep hills on this trip, but most of the route is flat or very moderate undulating.

Follow the heavy traffic out of Aberdeen towards Peterhead. On the roundabout at Denmore, turn to the left and follow B 999 to Pitmedden (shops). The road is moderate undulating. Follow the moderate climb at B 9000 and A 920 out of Pitmedden towards Oldmeldrum. The view from the top of the golf course just before Oldmeldrum is breathtaking. At Oldmeldrum (shops), follow the road towards Inverurie. There is a small climb here and a small descent into Inverurie (shops). The road towards Kemnay is steep during the first kilometers, but it flattens out and goes down towards Kemnay. The views along this route is breathtaking.
Just before Kemnay, take the road towards Aberdeen to the left (referring to the map mistake I did..). After five kilometers, you are at a motorway. Follow this motorway over the hill for two kilometers to a roundabout. At this roundabout, take the road towards Westhill. The climb is steep for two hundred meters. At the junction, take the road towards Westhill. Another climb follows. Just follow the road through Westhill until you are at a roundabout at A 944. Follow the cycle path until you are on the hill overlooking Aberdeen. Follow the road down to Aberdeen.