Tour # 3.
Elgin - Rothes - Dufftown - Alford - Aberdeen
125 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 600 meters.
Highest point: The crossroad A 941/B9002 (414 meters above sea level).
Traffic: Moderate
Severity Rating: *****
Fun rating: ******

How to get to Elgin:
Train from Aberdeen and Inverness.

This is a cycle trip I cannot recommend highly enough. It goes through the best of Crampians and Aberdeenshire. It also goes through the whisky heartland in the Speyside area. It passes distilleries like Longmorn, Balvenie and Glenfiddich. The landscape is brilliant throughout this trip. The road over the mountain between Dufftown and Alford is not hard, which is a bit of a surprise because the local people will warn you against this road. But do not listen to them !!! The road from the top of this mountain to Aberdeen is relative flat. A brilliant, brilliant cycle trip.

The road (A 941) out of Elgin rises towards the beginning of Glen Of Rothes and through this valley. The climb is moderate and very interesting. The road (A 95) goes down to the small town Rothes before it rises again along River Spey to Craigellachie. The road (A 941) toward Dufftown takes off the main road in a short, sharp climb towards Dufftown before it goes down again to Glenfiddich Distillery. Stop at this world famous distillery and admire the buildings and the dam. The road rises again from the distillery to Dufftown some hundred meters from the distillery. Dufftown is a place with a great history and a world famous whisky shop. A visit is obligatory.
The road goes down again a bit before the crossroad between Huntly and Cabrach. Follow the road (A 941) up the valley towards Cabrach. The first bit is a bit steep, but it flattens out and goes down again a bit. Then the road rises to a mountain (385 meters above sea level) before a long descent follows. Then the road follows some narrow valleys and pass the Grouse Inn pub. After this pub, the road goes up to a moor and climb gently up to the crossroad between A 941 and B 9002. This crossroad is at 414 meters above sea level. Take the B 9002 road down the steep descent towards the road (A 97) at Lumsden. The road (A 944) through Mossat and towards Alford along the river is flat and interesting. If you think the road down to Aberdeen are a piece of cake, you will now get a surprise. The road goes up a sharp climb three kilometers after Alford. Then it goes down again in a short descent. The road towards Aberdeen are a blend of flat and moderate climb up towards Westhill. The sting of the tale is a short climb up the hill overlooking Aberdeen and the North Sea. The view is stunning. The descent down to Aberdeen is long and moderate. Be aware of the traffic and enjoy the stunning views along this descent towards Aberdeen. A perfect end to a perfect tour.