Tour # 18
Fort Williams - Oban
60 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 100 meters.
Highest point: Appin 50 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Moderate to Busy.
Severity Rating: *
Fun rating: ***

How to get to Fort Williams:
Train from Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Plane from the rest of the world.

This tour is a dead flat tour along Loch Linnhe between two major tourist places in Scotland. This tour is a nice tour along the fjord. There is no major hills on the tour or any technical problems. The traffic is the only problem. The views along Loch Linnhe and over to Glen Coe is the major positive factor on this cycle trip.

The road out of Fort Williams is busy. The road is flat until the strait at Corrie. The road goes over a hill and enters Loch Leven. The bridge across the loch and over Ballachulish Hotel takes you over to a roundabout where you have to double back and take the road under the bridge you have just passed. The road follows Loch Linnhe again to Portnachroish. The road climbs over Appin and over to another small loch. The road goes around this small loch and almost double back again before it comes back to Loch Linnhe again. The road goes more inland before the bridge at Connel Ferry. Take the road over the hill to Oban.