Tour # 13.
Dumbarton- Helensburgh - Arrochar - Tarbet - Luss - Dumbarton.
85 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 150 meters.
Highest point: The hill 2 km. after Garelochhead 75 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Moderate
Severity Rating: **
Fun rating: *****

How to get to Dumbarton:
Train from Glasgow and Edinburgh four times an hour.

A very enjoyable cycle trip along the Clyde, Loch Long and Loch Lomond. An ideal first cycle trip of the year. The cycling is never hard and the speed is high with the minimum of effort. The scenery is also very good along the whole route. This cycle trip is a classic !!!

The road starts with a small climb out of Dumbarton. The road goes over a very small hill and rejoins the Clyde coast after three kilometres. Then the road climbs again over a small hill after Cardross (shops) before it falls again down to the small town of Helensburgh (shops). The road follows the seafront of Helensburgh, Rhu and the Faslane naval base until the road sharply climbs up to the hill above Garelochhead. The view in all directions is breath taking. The road follow the hill above Loch Long before it sharply falls down to Loch Long. The brakes get some severe pounding during this descent. Beware !! The road along Loch Long is moderate undulating and very funny. The view across Loch Long towards the mountains is very good. Beware of anglers, rabbits, foxes, eagles, red deer and sheep. At the end of Loch Long, Arrochar (shops) is situated. The view towards the Cobbler (a mountain) is superb.
The road goes over a small hill to Tarbet at Loch Lomond. The road down to Dumbarton is relative flat with only a small hill right after Tarbet. There is a cycle path from Tarbet to Luss, but it is off a very poor standard. If you can live with the traffic, I recommend the road to Luss (shops). This small village is one of the most scenic villages in Scotland. The view from the pier towards Ben Lomond is one of the most famous views in Scotland. You find postcards with this view everywhere in Scotland. From Luss (15 km. from Tarbet), please follow the well maintained cycle road. The road from Luss to Dumbarton through Balloch and Alexandria is flat and reasonable interesting. Train from Dumbarton back to Glasgow four times an hour.