The Legendary Frogsmouth Quarry - Full Topo


The quarry is on the Northern part of Runcorn Hill, also called Beacon Hill.
From junction 12 on the M56 take the A557 expressway North towards Widnes. Ignore the Runcorn Bridge (first exit) to Widnes and turn off at the second. Pass under the expressway and uphill along the B5311 - Heath Road. Turn right at the traffic lights, then left into Highlands Road just past the War Memorial. Runcorn Hill car park is 100 yards on the right and the cliff is just behind.  If approaching from Widnes, keep left, exit at Runcorn Bridge, then leave the expressway at the second exit. Follow Heath Road as above.

Environment and Access Considerations
Runcorn Hill is a mixture of Heathland, Woodland Scrub and recreational areas. It is owned by Halton Borough Council and mananged by the Mersey Valley Partnership and a resident ranger service. It is also designated a local nature reserve.

The Sandstone face stretches along the length of one side of Happy Valley, but climbing is restricted to certain parts of the crag. This is to limit the disturbance to important plants and wildlife, namely Little Owls, roosting Bats, Heather and the only area of Bilberry - a noted Heathland plant on Runcorn Hill. The Heathland is particulerly important as this is the fastest disappearing habitat in Cheshire. Only 0.5% remains in the County.

Most of the vegitation grows on top of quarry spoil, on top of  sand and sandstone blocks near the cliff edge. Abseiling is strongly discouraged because of cliff edge erosion.

Local climbers have installed rappel and lead bolts. It is your responsibility to ensure that the bolts you choose to use are in a safe and trustworthy condition.

The Topos show the outlines of the agreed climbing limits at Frogsmouth. DO NOT JEOPARDISE ACCESS BY IGNORING THEM.

Please Do - follow this agreement.
Please Do - Comply with any seasonal or occasional restriction.

Please Don't - Abseil or climb over the top.
Please Don't - Climb off limits.
Please Don't - Leave litter or rubish; if you carry it in then you can carry it out.

Cosmo Wall

Vis and Beano Walls

Eye and A1 Walls

1. Dogsbody Arete E1 5c ***
2. On the Couch E2 6a
3. Wall Street E2 6a *
4. Fashion Spot E1 5b
5. Agony Aunt E3 6b
6. Gardeners Ledge HVS 5a
7. Zest E3 6a *
8. Horoscope E2 5c *
9. M&B Special E4 6a
10. Sex Survey E4 6b *
11. Smart Girls E4 6a *
12. Perfumed Groove HVS 5b
13. Chauranga Danasana E2 6a
14. Just Another Fifty E1 5b *
15. Savasana E2 5c
16. Apple Crumble E1 5b

17. Johnny Fart Pants E4 6a
18. The Flying School E3 6a ***
19. Pathetic Sharks E5 6a **
20. Topless Skateboarding Nun E5 6b ***
21. The Big Stiff One E6 6c ***
22. Comet Crack E5 6a ***
23. Ivan Jellical E4 6a ***
24. Fat Slags E5 6b *
25. Motorcycle Girl E4 6a **
26. Biffa Bacon E6 6b **
27. Victor Pratt E5 6a/b **
28. Wear 'em Out Wilf E5 6a *
29. Bash Street Kids E5 6a
30. Dennis the Menace E4 6a *
31. Key Hole Kate E5 6a/b *
32. Broken Skull Groove E3 5c **
33. Anaesthetic E1 5c

34. Street of Shame E5 6a **
35. Dear Bill E5 6b ***
36. Ugandan Relations E5 6a/b **
37. East African Affair E5 6b ***
38. Murkeyside E4 6a *
39. Owl E3 5c/6a *
40. Girdle E5 6b
Starting up 38 follow the break
all the way.
41. A1 E1 5c *
42. Prodigal Sway E2 5c

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