What grade is it?

Grades of routes are an endless source of argument and debate. To add fuel to the fire we have produced the following table (taken from a tee shirt). What French grade is it? What grade would it be in the States, do you understand UIAA grades (do you care?) The following table is from my own experience and comments (not rude), revisions, additions are welcome.

Danger Grades - Scottish V.S. , Yorkshire H.V.S., Northumberland 6a, Buoux Slabs, Yosemitte off-widths
4a Sev. 5.5 12 IV
4+ 4b V.S. 5.6 13/14 V
5- 4c V.S. 5.7 15 V+
5 4c/5a H.V.S. 5.8 16 VI-
6a 5b E1 5.10a 18 VI+
6a+ 5b E1/E2 5.10b 19 VI+ VII-
6b 5c E2 5.10c 20 VII-
6b+ 5c E3 5.10d 21 VII
6c 6a E3/E4 5.11a 22 VII+
6c+ 6a E4 5.11b 23/24 VIII-
7a 6a E4/E5 5.11c 24 VIII
7a+ 6a/6b E5 5.11d 25 VIII/VIII+
7b 6a/6b E5 5.12a 26 VIII+
7b+ 6b E6 5.12b 27 IX-
7c 6b/6c E6 5.12c 27/28 IX-
7c+ 6b/6c E6 5.12d/5.13a 28 IX
8a 6c E7 5.13a 29/30 IX+
8a+ 6c/7a E7 5.13b 30 X-
8b 7a E8 5.13c 31 X
8b+ 7a E8 5.13d 32 X+
8c 7b E9 5.14a 33 ERR?
8c+ 7b E9/E10 5.14b ? ?

Reprinted from an adrenalin tee shirt courtesy of Cairn.