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New Crag at Blackwell Halt

Tales of secret crags used to be legion. You would ask someone in the cafe where they were going and the reply

"Crag X, and I am not telling you where it is."

Well now there is a real Crag X that has recently finished being developed. The location is not a closely guarded anymore. Predictably most of the route names have something to do with an X.

A larger Blackwell Halt topo

Blackwell Halt
This is a newly developed Derbyshire Sport crag with a rare commodity in the UK -- mid grade sport routes. The remarkable thing about the crag is that it is in Cheedale, a new crag in the hot bed of Derbyshire climbing, and you can see it looking left from the lay-by above Topley Pike on the A6 Buxton Road. There are eighteen routes from 6a+ to 6c+, and its about time there were some easier grade sport routes available. Appropriately enough for an Internet site to report the routes mainly have a computer theme. All the climbs have double bolt lower offs and the crag catches the sun until mid afternoon.