Caves and Caving

Some of the World's most magnificent geological sites exist under our feet, in complete darkness for most of the time, until someone makes the journey to illuminate them with a head torch. Like the views that climbers see from their vantage points on high crags and mountain peaks, few people get to share the experience without the determination to reach these strange and wonderful places.

Caving has grown to become a world wide activity, some participate for reasons of academic study, others just for the thrill of going somewhere very different, whatever the reason Caving has an appeal for people from all backgrounds and levels of interest.

Few Caving trips take the form of a quick visit, as with many outdoor activities Caving has its own associated risks and any Caving expedition must assess and prepare to counter the dangers with training and skill. One of the appeals of caving is learning to overcome the many technical problems that are encountered when travelling in this strange enviroment.

There are some similarities between caving and climbing, the appearance of some equipment is similar and the physical skills and techniques can appear to be the same, but Caving requires a wide range of abilities that climbers do not employ.

Most British universities have caving clubs and the NCA web site has a large directory of UK Caving clubs, if you feel that you want to begin the best place to start is with a club that can offer good advice and qualified instruction on equipment, techniques and safety.

Books on Caving techniques and guide books to cave systems across the world can be found in all good libraries, the Web also offers a wealth of caving info from a wide range of sources. At this time we are linking to the National Caving Association web site, as BlueDome develops we shall add links and pages to build a valuable resource of Caving info, we also hope to be able to address some of the issues that affect all outdoor users. Access and enviromental topics can no longer be ignored, and it is our wish to develope responsible attitudes in all fields.

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