Cave Rescue

Chris Bonington

Mountains by their very nature involve some element of risk and there will always be those who are caught unawares. I've climbed the world over and seen rescue services swing into action, in such cases some of those rescuers have been paid professionals, others as is the case with our own Mountain Rescue Service, are unpaid volunteers. They go out in all weathers in the service of all who enjoy the hills and high places. The British teams are without doubt the best in the world and I hope you will do all you can to support them in their work.

Chris Bonington, C.B.E.

BlueDome Editorial

BlueDome is proud to be able to support the Mountain Rescue Council in its work as the premier rescue service of its type anywhere in the World. From my own experience the level of dedication and professionalism shown by the unpaid volunteers is outstanding. The publics understanding of Mountain Rescue teams in the UK will hopefully be increased by this section of BlueDome. And if only one accident is avoided or one casualty taken off the hills in safety we will have done our bit to help.

David Lynch, Managing Editor

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