the FCO

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Home Page

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have allowed us to create this link to their pages which supply up to date information for British Travellers. All the Worlds main trouble spots are listed, a description of the current problems you may encounter are supplemented with information about Travel, Border problem, Health Alerts, Natural Disasters, War Zones and Areas of Political Instability

The information also contains Embassy lists and representation where an full UK prescense is not available. If you are advised to register with the embassy on arrival in a country please ensure you do so.

The FCO pages also outlines what our Embassy's are empowered to do on your behalf, this can be quite limited in certain countries. If you are an independant traveller the information contained in this link will help you to have a safe journey. Don't forget to let BlueDome know if you come back with a good story or information of use to other travellers.

This will take you to the FCO Home Page