Modern Bow Design
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Modern Bow Design

The last ten year period has seen some remarkable technical developments in Archery, however the fundamental purpose of a bow is always constant, that is to, deliver an arrow to its target accurately and consistantly. High quality alloys and computer controlled machines are now producing bows that out-perform virtually all previous designs, the next stage of composite bows are being made entirely of Carbon-Fibre, although some doubts remain about this material when used in this area. Arrow design has also progressed with all the Worlds top target archers now using either Carbon or hybrid Carbon-fibre/alloy arrows, this type of arrow gives unsurpassed levels of accuracy and many World records are now set at the maximum score level.

In spite of the march of technology many archers still shoot bows from the past. In the UK the Long-Bow is enjoying a resurgence of interest, Europe and the USA also have growing numbers of archers who are shooting early Bows. The pressures of target archery seems to be a motivating factor for archers who have started to take part in Field archery, where targets are laid out in woodland areas with some difficult shots, under tree branches and uphill or downhill shots.

Compound Bows are often found in this type of competition, the high arrow speed and the fitting of a magnifying sight producing a remarkable level of accuracy. Compound bows are also shot at world level in standard target competitions and will probably become fully allowed at the Olympics (at the moment only 'recurve' or Olympic style bows are shot). The Compound bow is the latest major development in the search for power and accuracy. Based on design and ideas from modern bowyers, particularly in the USA, have developed many variations of Compound designs to the extent that it is the dominant type of bow in shot in the USA.